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East Broadway
Using Simple Machines to Trap a Leprechaun
March 21, 2017

Using Simple Machines to Trap a Leprechaun 001East Broadway fourth-grade students used their recently acquired knowledge of simple machines and leprechauns to build traps to catch these elusive fictional characters.

Working in teams, the students designed leprechaun traps using a wheel axle, screw, wedge, incline plane or pulley. During an hour designated to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics), each team congregated in the school cafeteria with supplies brought from home. After filling out inventory sheets and reading the challenge rules, the students utilized tape, glitter, Legos, boxes, construction paper and other essential supplies to produce the most effective designs to trap leprechauns.

Using Simple Machines to Trap a Leprechaun 002