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East Broadway
Thank You For Your Kindness
December 20, 2016

Thank You For Your Kindness 001Bulletin boards in the hallway at East Broadway School are plastered with Post-it notes filled with recognitions of kind acts performed by students. Called the Positive Post-it Program, each student was encouraged to write down a peer's kind act for which they are grateful, promoting kindness and a positive vibe throughout the school.

Spearheaded by social workers Lisa Gribetz and Malorie Klieber and teacher Jeannine Denning, the goal of the program is to promote positive language and school community, as taught through the district's Get a Voice character education program.

Students recognized peers for simply sharing a snack, showing empathy when a relative died, including them in recess, writing a get-well card and more.

Denning, Gribetz and Klieber noted that in addition to appreciating the kind acts of others, the students learned to recognize their peers' feelings and were encouraged to perform their own acts of kindness, especially during the holiday season.

Thank You For Your Kindness 002