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Department of Instruction: Textbook Depository

Department of Instruction: Textbook Depository 001 The Textbook Depository is located at the Levittown Memorial Education Center located at 150 Abbey Lane, Levittown NY 11756. Please return all books to this location.

For your convenience you may park in the EAST parking lot and enter the building through the first "WALK THRU" entrance doors your see on the right (UNDER THE PORTICO). The inner doors will be locked for security reasons. Push the security camera button to the right of the door and wait for a response. Show this letter to the camera and state your business (returning books). After you are buzzed in, please come directly to the Textbook Depository. If any materials are missing please bring a check, made out to Levittown Public Schools to cover the cost of their replacement(s).

Please Note: Books for the new school year cannot be distributed to any student until all checked out books from the previous year have been returned or have been reported as "lost" and paid for.

Check is the accepted form of payment for lost books made payable to Levittown Public Schools.

Questions? Please call (516) 434-7136