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Business and Finance

The Levittown School District Business Office functions as the finance and budgeting arm of the District. It is responsible for most of the financial aspects of the District including, but not limited to the following: budgeting, audit management, accounting, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing, inventory and asset management, and employee benefits administration.

Additionally, the Business Office is responsible for the oversight of most non-instructional services such as: capital projects, Buildings and Grounds, transportation, food service, and Worker's Compensation.

The Levittown Central School District contracts with an internal controls auditor, an internal claims auditor, and external (or independent) to review all District finances. The auditor's report directly to the Levittown School District Board of Education.

Purchasing and contracting for all services, equipment and supplies are handled through this office in accordance with New York State regulations.

The office also provides important budget information to state and federal agencies, the Board of Education, district staff and administration, and the Superintendent.