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Abbey Lane
Abbey Lane STEAM Club
December 20, 2016

Abbey Lane STEAM Club 001On the first day of the Abbey Lane STEAM Club, kindergartners were able to learn what STEAM stands for and a little bit about the engineering process! They were able to learn through discussion, visual posters and by participating in our first activity. Abbey students participated in Dr. Seuss cup stacking after listening to the story Ten Apples Up on Top. The challenge was to see how tall they could make the cat's hat with cups and index cards demonstrating gravity and stability. Students also took part in building shapes (triangles, rhombus, hexagon, etc.) using craft sticks and shape task cards to guide them. At the end of the session, everyone gathered as a whole group to discuss their brainstorming, trial and error and what plan worked best for each task. In our second session, students made toilet tissue trains and cars using toilet tissue rolls and other household materials. Some future topics involve creating a straw maze with different size pieces of straws where students must get a marble through their entire maze. Other projects will have students building a parachute using coffee filters, cups, pipe cleaners, and Popsicle sticks. These are just some of the many exciting things our youngest thinkers will challenge themselves with!

Abbey Lane STEAM Club 002Abbey Lane STEAM Club 003Abbey Lane STEAM Club 004